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Transmission Speed Spotlight | Gallup, NM

Transmission Speed Spotlight | Gallup, NM
When you’re shopping for a new vehicle, you’ll come to notice that every non-electric vehicle has a transmission; transmissions have various speeds, mostly ranging from four-speed to 10-speed and even some called CVT, or continuously variable transmissions. That number indicates the number of gears a transmission has.

Your car’s transmission is the part that transmits energy from the engine to the wheels. The number of gears your transmission has determines how well your vehicle accelerates, its fuel economy, its top speed, and more. The more gears you have, the more options your engine has for optimal performance.

The 2018 Ford Mustang, for example, has a 10-speed transmission. This means it has 10 gears, letting the new Mustang not only save fuel but reach higher speeds faster and even provide additional driving comfort without taking away the fun.

A CVT is a great option for saving fuel economy and it’s by far the most efficient option. However, most car enthusiasts like the feel of gears changing as you accelerate, so automakers have added a simulated gear change feeling to CVTs.

A high number of gears, like the nine-speed found in most luxury cars and the 10-speed in the new Mustang, are a compromise that allows for a great driving experience and better performance.

Find out more about transmissions, or test drive the Mustang’s 10-speed automatic transmission at Gurley Motor Co.

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